Amazima Sponsorship Program

Every Saturday Katie & her crew load up in the van and go to serve the children in the Amazima sponsorship program. While we were visiting we had the privilege to accompany her and love on these children. If you are ever looking for an organization to support- where you know they are really having impact and making a difference everyday I would encourage you to check out Amazima. You can learn more at Katie’s website
This little girl named Dora, stole all our hearts!
Dizzy, one of the children that our family sponsors is on the far right of the above photograph. I had many moments while in Uganda where I literally just about fell apart, but meeting Dizzy in person (whom my kids pray for every night, for her health, her family, her schooling, her heart….) to get to hug her and look her in the eye. To pray for her in person and tell her how much we love her- it was a moment I will never forget. I remember as I approached her (she had no idea who I was)- thinking, all those times I look at her on the fridge at home and we send up prayers- I honestly thought I would NEVER EVER meet her. There she was in front of me, beautiful and smiling!!!!
Praise and worship…

I couldn’t get enough of Joyce and Jane 🙂
Cutie Pie Andrew

The serving line, I was on rice duty and it was harder than it looked!!!

The kids headed home- carrying the rice and beans they get to bring back to their families. We finished and cleaned up after the program ended and got back in the van- drove for awhile and then came to pass several of the kids who had been there with us…. Yes, they walk miles and miles to come and be a part of this!
A goodbye wave from Dora!!!!

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