How am I doing?

Many people have been asking me this question. I thought that blogging about it just might help me with my answer… I am adjusting to say the least. While it is SO good to be back home I am a different person than when I left. I am grappling with how to live in this life- and not forget the lessons from what I just experienced. I can’t find a place to store or file away what I came to know. I feel responsible to put it one way. Responsible on many levels and in many ways. It’s been hard to come back to a place where we have so much and appreciate so little (at least in my house). Where my kids argue over what DVD we are going to watch in the van- that’s absurd!!!! We have a VAN to drive, and a DVD player in the VAN!!! Holy cow- and yet, we are fighting over what will play?!?!? It’s little things like this that I am struggling with- as my mind drifts back to Uganda where 29 of us piled into a 15 passenger van and NO ONE argued, but instead sang and laughed and let the wind blow through our hair. But I know that I am changed, I am responsible and I am a vessel for change for my children and my family. No, that doesn’t mean that we are taking the DVD player out of the van (although it’s not a bad idea), but it means I need to makechoices to share with others in my life just a little of what I was taught half-way around the world.

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