Little Surprises and Things I’m Taking With Me-

I am taking with me the seconds like this one; when a Mother holds her child for the first time.

And a first “smile for the camera” picture with Daddy & son. I know there will be so many more of these to come!!!
I was surprised at how our path intersected with those of Mandie & Rachel ( two American nurses who were left to care for the twins when the babies mother lost her fight to AIDS). It was an honor to get to know them and to share my experience of Africa with them and of course, those two precious twins Ellie & Eli! I will continue to follow the work that these brave young women are doing in Africa- and I hate to use the cliche but I am a better person for knowing them!
I certainly didn’t know the spot that two 5 month old twins could hold in my heart after just a few days and nights with them!


I am taking his smile with me.
And trying to remember that simple can be better. To find joy in what we have. Not in what we don’t. To never underestimate the power that one life can have on another. That I am stronger than I know- and with God I am even stronger than that!

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