The two hardest days of my life-

There is no way I can capture it all here. I wish that I could, I wish that I could write out every memory, each in vivid detail. Uganda was so rich an experience and yet so overwhelming. I can only highlight here and give a glimpse. Let me just say that the first day we arrived and spent time at the orphanage we thought, “Wow, these kids have it pretty bad off.” All of their circumstances seemed grim. By the day we left our thinking had changed to a place where it seemed those at Amani were not so bad off after all. Words don’t do it justice, but the amount and level of human suffering we experienced, particularly among the little ones, made me sick to my stomach. I had physical reactions to what I saw- which is the life they live day after day after day. Two days in particular really stretched me. They changed me. I will not forget them- because I cannot. On Sunday we went and visited a friend of Katie’s named Renee. Renee runs a program for malnourished children on the brink of death. Her program is amazing in that she not only nurses these sweet ones back to health but invites the caregiver of the child in need to come and stay with her and helps to teach them how to nourish the child. The goal is that child and caregiver will get better and “graduate” from her program, go back into their community and help others. When we arrived at Renee’s place there were several little ones (babies I thought) sitting on the front porch. The first thing I did was sit down with two “babies” in bouncy seats. Skinny and thin are not even words that come close to measuring their bodies. I noticed how they weren’t walking, or talking, basically taking most of their energy to just sit there… when Renee told me that these two were twins (of course they were!) and they were 2 1/2 years old. I shook my head no. I wanted to scream NO! Because, of course, I know what 2 and 1/2 yr. old twins look like- I have them at home. They should be running and jumping and talking in circles, singing and laughing and constantly on the go. Not these two. Not here. God really shut down my typical emotional response while in Africa. I didn’t cry, I didn’t sob. I was able to experience and be in the moment without being an emotional wreck. He protected me, if you will, and for that I am so thankful. My roommate Mandy first came to Betty who was sitting on the porch in a chair. Betty is 14. That’s right, she is 14.

I urge you to check out Renee’s blog if you can. She is seriously doing some miracles with the power of God on her side! We met many of the children that she blogs about. I know you hear it all the time, but being with them- they were the blessing to us, not the other way around. You can check out more at

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