How can it be . . . the twins are THREE!!!!

Yesterday, October 27th we celebrated the twins 3rd birthday! I almost had to pinch myself- how can they really be three? But on the other hand, thank goodness… it does just keep getting better and better 🙂

It’s turned into a family tradition- Dunkin Donuts the morning of your birthday! Luke and Lily each picked an “adult donut”, not the little donut holes I usually make them get.

Jack shared a bite of his with Luke, since it was his birthday after all!

The twins ordered a princess party for girls only and a tractor/farm party (where Nathaniel gave the boys tractor rides on the lawn mower in the backyard). Lily is not too prissy that she can’t ride a tractor in her dress- just look at those shoes!

We got Luke a tractor just like Pap’s. I might be biased, but I think it is his favorite present.

Luke’s cake

Lily’s Princess set-up

Pretty cute!

The boys wanted to eat up in the top of the playhouse- the “fort” they called it. But when I went out to check on them and take some pictures Luke gave me this real sad look and said ” I wanna eat with my sister.” So inside we went…

So the girls voted and decided Luke could join them!

He was so happy!

Okay, the back story here is that last year on their 2nd birthday Lily went to blow out her two candles and put her head down and actually burned her forehead and put out the flames with her head! It was traumatic to say the least. So they were talking about that leading up to this birthday and showing me how they would cover their foreheads and then blow! Sure enough, they did!!!!

Yeah Lukey!!!

Lily was really concerned, but she blew ’em out like a champ…. with no injuries this year!!! Woo hoo!!!

Luke eating a “monster cake bite~”

Family pic., just missing Jack 😦

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