First Morrow Family Camp Out

The kids had been hounding us for some time now to get out the tent in the garage and have a camp-out in the backyard. It sounded like a good idea. This past Saturday night we decided we couldn’t put it off anymore or else we would be doing it in freezing temperatures. Ha! Little did we know. So we (actually Nathaniel and Pappy) put up the tent and out we all went. It was already cold so we bundled everyone up in warm layers of clothes, coats and then pajamas over top of it all. Getting the kids to go to sleep was the first major challenge- they were so wound up! Then,,, I had the worst spot in the entire tent. Nathaniel was on one end with Jack next to him, then Lily (aggressive sleeper) then ME, then Luke (aggressive sleeper.) Let me also mention that I was FREEZING and L & L don’t like to sleep under covers, they like to sleep on top of them. So the entire night I am getting pelted with hands and feet all the while I am trying to be nice and keep everyone covered up and from getting frost bite. Nathaniel was just over there on his end, snoozing away. (He may beg to differ here). Anyways, I was proud of myself for even giving it a good try. Finally about 3am I had it! I got out of the family sleeping bag and said I was going in. About that time, Luke (who was somewhat asleep) shot into my arms- I guess he was wanting to go in too. We weren’t even to the back door of the house when I heard Lily let out a yelp and Nathaniel brought her in too! He and Jack toughed it out and stayed out until 6:30am. Whew. I hope we don’t have to do that for another year. No, seriously Jack was a trooper and loved it… he proved himself a camper. The twins need a few more years. I am thinking I see some camping trips in the Spring with Jack and his Dad! (I will be at home in my bed!!!!)

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