More on the joys of twins . . .

Last night bedtime was particularly hairy. Luke was the one making it so. I must have put him in his room ten times only to come back down the stairs and hear him bust out of his room and streak across the upstairs. I had had enough and marched back upstairs yelling that this was IT! If the door opened again and he came out then I was going to take away a tractor toy. It got real quiet. Everybody was listening. I went back downstairs and sure enough heard the door open and Luke shoot through the hallway (laughing none the less). Okay, I yelled, that means I am taking away your orange tractor and you won’t have it to play with tomorrow. Luke just looks at me while I lead him back to his bed. Lily, on the other hand, bursts into tears in her room. She cries out “No, no, don’t take his tractor away. No, no, I don’t want my Lukey to lose his tractor!” I shut the boys door and tell Lily it is okay- but that Luke is making some bad decisions and so he is going to have consequences. Back down the stairs I go. Only to hear the door crack open again and Luke come out. At this point, Lily pleads with him… “Lukey, don’t get a consequence- get back in your bed!” But out he comes. Up the stairs I march and tell him, “Okay, now your blue tractor is gone for tomorrow.” Well, this sends Lily over the edge. She is literally sobbing for Luke in her room. Jack gets interested as well. Jack asks, “Are you taking it away forever Mom?” This went on for a little bit longer until we all finally tuckered out. I had to give Luke a few more consequences and comfort Lily a few more times regarding Luke’s consequences. Ahhh, I’ve said it before, but this is just one of the many joys of twins!

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