Mommy Mistake

So yesterday I wanted to work on the computer while L & L were taking naps- updating the blog, checking email, etc. Jack also wanted to be on the computer. I told him that he had to do his “homework page” first which would buy me some time. Every week he gets a homework page in his folder which has to be returned by Friday. The kids have to draw a picture of something that starts with the letter they are learning that week… this week the letter is I. Thus I get Jack all set up in the kitchen with his crayons and letter page. He is thinking thinking thinking about what he is going to draw while I go in the living room and am hammering away at the computer. He calls in to let me know that he has decided to draw an eyeball for this weeks letter page. “Great!” I call in from the other room- distracted and on the computer. Well the little guy works for a good ten minutes drawing a wonderful eyeball and brings it in to show me when he is done (and to kick me off the computer) – at which point I realized he drew an EYEBALL which starts with the letter E, not the letter I. Oh no, I explained to him that I made a mistake…. Eyeball starts with an E- not an I. Well, this took a lot of convincing, Jack kept sounding it out and saying no I think it starts with an I. Then I felt bad and we went in and tried to turn the eyeball into an igloo- which didn’t go over so well. Then we ended up covering the page with a new piece of white paper and Jack did an ice cream cone. At which point, you guessed it, L & L woke up from their naps. Aghhh… not exactly the way we had planned for the afternoon to go!

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