Trouble in Old Navy

Maybe I should have entitled this post, “What was I thinking?” So I took all the kids into Old Navy tonight, I just wanted to run in and see if they had any scarfs that I might be able to wear to a Christmas Party tomorrow night. I seriously believe that when the workers in Old Navy see me coming from the parking lot they think…. “Oh my, here comes that lady with all her kids again.” Once in the store Luke told me he was trying to hold the hand of the mannequin but what I find is him holding the ARM which is no longer attached to the rest of the body. Sure enough Lily is holding the other detached arm. I also had to chase Luke down a few isles where he was pulling all the S, M, L, XL stickers off the clothes and sticking them on himself. Somehow amongst the chaos I found a few scarves that I liked and then a few articles of clothes worth trying on. Into the family dressing room we went. All three kids were fighting for space in front of the mirror when Jack noticed that his bottom tooth is REALLY loose. He proceeds to pull it out and is yelling with excitement for all the customers to hear. Of course, this is the first tooth that really bled when it came out- and I had nothing in the dressing room for the bleeding. Next, I decided this is a cue to leave so we start to shuffle out of the dressing room. Jack and I went back and forth a few times about how I wanted him to carry the tooth in his zipper coat pocket so as not to lose it. He assured me that he wouldn’t drop it. Next thing I know we are almost out of the store and I hear sobbing. Yes, he dropped the tooth, yes under the shelves that we couldn’t reach under (but please believe we did try). I was frustrated (to say the least) but got Jack to pull it together and told him we were just going to have to write the tooth fairy a note and wait till morning to see what the tooth fairy decides to do. I’ll keep ya posted on what the tooth fairy decides 🙂

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