Not quite like the picture shows . . .

This morning the kids and I “attempted” to make this fruity pebbles Christmas Tree- to leave out for Santa. We figured he might get tired of the typical milk & cookies and thought this would be a good diversion for him. We followed all the directions and worked diligently…

Jack kept looking back and forth from the picture (or directions) to ours. He commented several times that it wasn’t just like the picture shows… Before we knew it, it had a little lean going on. We rushed it outside in hopes to firm it up in the cold air-

Going, going, GONE! We said.
I was pleased that the kids weren’t upset at all about it falling apart. I feel like this tree is a great example of my life. So often, although try as I might, I am just “not like the picture shows.” Yes, I have a lean– or am a gooey pile of mess- or am falling apart. Thank goodness for the love of our Savior- who sent us His son. Who loves me (and you) just the way I am!

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