3 Year Old Check-Up

Last week we went in for Luke and Lily’s 3 year old check-up. Yes, their birthday was in October but when I called for the well visit this was the first one available. I had to snap a quick picture of them in their exam room t-shirts! They are SO grown up… I just kept thinking that all throughout the appointment. We successfully peed in a cup (L & L thought that was REALLY funny), got height and weight and answered all of the pediatricians questions- some correctly and some not-so-much. Lily is at the top of the charts with her height and weight percents. Luke is rounding out the bottom of the charts. We continue to tell ourselves he is exactly the way he is supposed to be!!!! Jack came to the appointment too and it was difficult for him to keep quiet while the doctor was asking the twins all these interesting questions. Dr. Mallard would say, “Now Luke and Lily, do you help your Mom with chores around the house? Do you help her to carry in the groceries?” Luke and Lily shook their heads yes, but Jack, unable to contain himself blurted out- “No my Mom usually puts on a movie for them to watch while she unloads the groceries.” After a few times that Jack kept telling him how Luke and Lily ALWAYS watch movies, that it’s ALL they do… I had to look over at him and give him the stink-eye. Overall, it was a good appointment and we got a great report. We were all relieved not to have to get any shots. Woo hoo! Leaving the appointment I thought about all the early days with the twins when I would haul them into the doctors (carrying them in their infant car seats, one on each arm) and Jack tripping along behind me- usually holding on to my shirt. I had many a break-downs in the office and once Dr. Mallard even had the nurses hold my crying babies in the hall and he got me a diet coke! We’ve come a LONG WAY. I am thankful the twins are three and that Jack is now five. I am thankful for a pediatrician who cares about the well-being of the Mom too šŸ™‚

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