~baby it’s cold outside~

We have snow here. Lots of it! As in, two snow days and counting… Nathaniel stayed home with us on Monday and we did the sledding thing. However, by today (Tuesday) he was skipping out the door to go to some meetings that were not cancelled. He was ready to return to the “real world.” I am ready for the kids to get back into pre-school, that would be an understatement. I am beyond ready. Like if it is cancelled for tomorrow I may just cry.
Side note- Lily is not pictured in any of the snowman pics. because she wasn’t overly excited about being out in the cold. She would open the door from the garage and yell things out to us every once in awhile while we were building our Frosty. Please note that Luke thought he must wear a cowboy hat!

One of the hardest things about the snow is we have to park down at the bottom of the hill and trudge everything and everybody up and down. You should have seen me tonight coming home with a full load of groceries. I actually loaded them all up on a sled and pulled the bags on the sled up the driveway, I had to call Nathaniel on my cell phone about half-way up the hill bc. I started slipping and the sled had gotten too heavy. It would have been a good show for the neighbors!

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