Potty Mouth

Over the weekend the kids were pushing the limits on all sorts of rules around our house. Specifically, the potty talk rule (which states that potty talk- should only take place in the bathroom.) Not sure why, but the kids just LOVE to say “booty, butt, and all things describing the dairy-air ). Anyways, Nathaniel and I had had enough! Nathaniel warned all the kids that if we heard it again they were going to get their mouth washed out with soap. “Really?!?!?” said Lily and Jack. “Oh yes!” we replied. Luke, with that little twinkle in his eye, promptly said “BOOTY HEAD!” So Nathaniel picks him up and sits him down in the bathroom, gets out the bar of ivory soap from the shower- Luke starts to back peddle saying that he is sorry and no, no no…. Lily and Jack are just watching in disbelief (obviously this is the first time we’ve done this at our house). In goes the soap and LILY just absolutely loses it. Yes, Lily (not Luke who is the one with the bar in his mouth). She started sobbing, telling us to stop, telling Luke she was sorry and sad for him. She was so beside herself that we had to take her into another room to try and calm her down. Luke certainly didn’t like the soap and he got the point, but he recovered quickly. 2o minutes later we were STILL trying to get Lily to stop crying and show her that Luke was just fine. She really took it hard- and seemed to hold a grudge against Nathaniel and I for the remainder of the day. Which makes us think we will have to be better about separating them from now on when it comes to discipline issues.

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