~ A surprise visit from Will B ~

Over the weekend we had a wonderful surprise… Will B came down with Oma and Monkey for a visit! The kids were delighted to have some much needed “cousin time!” The best story of the weekend was that upon Will B’s return home to his parents in Louisville- he reported to them the best thing he did was that he went to “A secret park and got really high!” Well…. you can imagine how that went over. We really did go to a new park that our friends had told us about- it’s off the beaten path and not well known, thus it earned the name “Secret Park.” And you will see from the pictures that the boys climbed the rock wall and got “Really High.” I texted back to Katie & Andy and said- “Yeah, just imagine what were gonna let him do when he comes to visit us as a teenager!” They may never let him come back to Nashville 🙂

Jack thinking about how he is going to get down…

“Really High!”
This playground had teeter totters, which our kids are not very familiar with. Most the new playgrounds these days don’t have them.
Love the facial expressions!
Jack and his Oma!

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