Emotional Eating

I AM an emotional eater. If I’m really happy, really sad, you name the emotion- I eat. The other night I was feeling “sorry” for myself. Nathaniel was working late and the kids had been bugging me to take them to Burger King for some time (they are advertising “junkies” and had fallen for the latest kids meal toys at BK). I just decided that I deserved to have the night off from cooking and into the van we piled. I made a pact with myself on the way that I would not eat the Whopper meal. No, I was going to feed the kids and enjoy being out of the house, but then come home and make something healthy-er for my dinner. Although I was feeling down and sorry for myself- just being out of the house lifted my spirits. I could tell I was getting into a better mood while in BK. The kids gobbled up their food and I ate nothing- didn’t even steal any of their french fries. I was proud of myself for sticking to the game plan and not pigging out. So I had gone from sad to happy and back into the van we piled to head home. Well, before I knew it- I had pulled right into the Sonic drive-thru! Yes. Sonic! What was I doing? I promptly ordered a cheeseburger meal (large size) AND traded the french fries for onion rings (double yum-O!), then I ordered a red-velvet sonic blast. WHAT?!? Oh yes I did. I guess I was rewarding myself and celebrating. I ended up eating more than if I had just eaten with the kids at stinkin‘ Burger King. Aghhhhhh. The struggle continues.

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