On Tuesday the twins came out of gymnastics class and the male instructor asked me “Tell me her name again…” pointing at Lily. I told him that her name was Lily and Luke was her twin brother. The instructor said they had asked Lily several times but she wouldn’t tell them her name. (Lily is EXTREMELY shy when it comes to teachers or people she doesn’t know well). But she had on a shirt that had an ice-cream cone on it and said “Sprinkles.” Thus, they decided they would just call her Sprinkles. (Which she really liked). On the way home Lily told me numerous times how the teachers had called her Sprinkles. Luke piped up from his seat and said, “MOM, MOM, GUESS WHAT THE TEACHERS CALLED ME!!!!” (I am writing that in all caps bc. Luke is xtra LOUD when he talks) What did they call you? I asked. “LUKE!” he said with a big smile on his face. I told him I couldn’t believe it!

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