Filling Up Our Days

The weather has been so nice recently, I’ve been trying to get us outside to fill up our days. Last week we went to the zoo- one of the highlights of our zoo is the incredible playground at the end! Jack always finds something to do on it which makes me hold my breath- all boy, I think that’s what they say?

L & L just love this double swing- they remember it every time!
Jack and Luke in the meerkat tunnel
Each of us got to pick one animal that we really wanted to see. Lily picked the pink flamingos- due largely in part to the color… pink!
This picture above pretty much sums up Jack at the zoo. He is our tour guide, constantly following the map to tell us which way to go and what to see. This is really such a blessing, since I can’t follow a map to save my life! Sometimes I wonder if he really is my son…
Luke picked the Giraffes as his animal but they came at the very end and by that time I was over taking pictures! Jack decided (after we went to see the Red Panda) that he just wanted to regular (black and white panda) to be his pick- which he knows that they have in China. We settled for Daddy going to see the regular panda when he is in China this summer and bringing us back a picture.

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