Valentine Hunt

On Valentine’s morning the kids woke up to find they had a “hunt” to go on… kisses hidden for each of them around the house. Keeping in line with last year, Luke was the silver kisses- Jack red and Lily pink. The boys woke up first and tore through the downstairs.
They were in all sorts of silly places, like on shoes!
and in the cupboard

As soon as Jack found one he would eat it… I think he was worried I would “collect” them at the end or something. But oh no, I let them eat away!
Lily knows how to sleep in- so she was last to come down for the hunt. The boys were so excited to tell her about it, and they pretty much went a step ahead of her and showed her where all the pink ones were hidden. Lily didn’t get “quite” the same experience as the boys, but I think she still had fun 🙂

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