It’s the . . . CAT IN THE HAT!

This morning at preschool you had to come dressed as your favorite Dr. Seuss character (only in Jack’s class). Jack wanted to be the Cat in the Hat- so Luke and Lily followed suit and said they were going as Sally & Nick. I had to get a picture of them pretending like they were in the “thing-a-ma-jig” getting ready to. . . “GO GO GO GO- ON AN ADVENTURE!”

Thought it was funny you could see his tail in this picture- that would be a pair of my black hose stuffed with ALL Nathaniel’s black dress socks!

One thing I can say about Jack is he sure does love a good costume. And he also wants it to be just right! He and I went round and round this morning at getting it “just like the picture shows.” He literally showed me the picture of that darn cat like 10 times! Let’s just say I was beyond ready when it was time to drop them off!!!

L & L were very “go with the flow.” Lily just threw on a headband and said, “Now I look like Sally.” Technically their class wasn’t participating in the Dr. Seuss festivities- but don’t tell them that! They held hands and marched in saying- “Call us Sally and Nick!”

We love our teachers!

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