New Tricks . . .

While I was in Ohio visiting Jessica the twins played one of their newest “tricks” on their Dad. At nap time we have been locking Luke’s door (or else he will get out and wander the upstairs- or just go right into Lily’s room) but the locking has worked really well to date (the lock is on the outside). Lily isn’t quite as much a rascal as Luke and so we just put a gate up in her doorway but allow the door to stay open. Well, the new trick is that Luke goes to his door and tells Lily to unlock him. She then reaches over her gate and unlocks the door- Luke comes out and returns the favor by unlatching her gate and helping her to take it down. They did this the other afternoon when Nathaniel was home with them. He said it had been all to quiet upstairs and then he heard the distinct sound of laughter AND water coming from the bathroom. They had gotten EVERY wash cloth and hand towel out of the cabinet and put them all in the sink, then turned the faucet on full tilt! Nathaniel said by the time he got up there they had water everywhere, were soaking wet and overall SO PROUD of themselves!!! I told Nathaniel that when it’s quiet it usually means they are up to no good!

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