Baby Evan Comes to Visit!

Last week my friend Lindsay, her husband Nick and their baby boy Evan came to Nashville for a visit! Lindsay is a teacher and it was her spring break, so they headed south to us (Yippee!) for some warmer weather and lots of fun. Evan is at that great stage where he just smiles and watches all that is going on around him. I contemplated trading in one of my children for Evan… but Nick and Lindsay didn’t bite on that trade.
The Morrow kids getting their energy out on the trampoline 🙂

I love this picture of Nick & Evan- it captures what a fun and hands-on approach Nick has to parenting!
Luke REALLY liked Evan and especially this day when we dressed them like “Farmer Boys”
Lindsay french braided Lily’s hair almost everyday and Lily LOVED it. She sat very still and even asked in the morning if Lindsay would braid her hair- Momma needs to learn….
I am already missing my Evan snuggles
Our big outing of the week was the zoo. The weather was beautiful and the zoo was not too crowded which made for a fun trip!
Lindsay and her sweetie 🙂

Luke wanted his sunglasses on like everyone else (you can see he has them upside down!)

Worn out after the zoo! We loved having our friends here and can’t wait till we see them again~

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