Grappling Tourney

Last Saturday Jack had his first grappling tourney at Karate. I overheard a conversation Nathaniel was having with Jack about how you have to really go hard the second the instructor says “go.” Nathaniel was trying to explain that whoever had that first burst of momentum had the advantage and that you just had to “go crazy and out of control” right from the get-go. Jack took it all in… and then reminded Nathaniel that martial arts was all about being IN CONTROL of your body… not out of control. So he let his Dad know that he would remain in control of himself. Not sure Jack is gonna win a lot of grappling tourney’s but he sure can win an argument! We have really enjoyed our experience at Elite Martial Arts in Brentwood. They teach kids how to win with humility and lose with grace. Something we as adults may still be working on.

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