Pre-Easter Egg Hunting

Last week after Karate the Duckworth and Morrow crews got together for a pre-Easter egg hunt. Here you can see David & Nathaniel in the backyard hiding eggs…
And the smart kids… who were watching where the eggs were being hidden from the balcony!
Group shot!

Lily & Blair using the teamwork approach

One of the boys ran right out of their Karate belt!
The newest addition to the Duckworth family! A puppy who is as sweet as can be… and thank goodness (maybe because it is smaller than they are?) Luke and Lily aren’t afraid of it.

Charlie is the easiest kid I have ever met to get a good picture of!

Lauren was such a good host, she even had little slips in some of the eggs that said “prize” and she would then give out books, giant suckers, etc. I told her she was setting the bar high 🙂
Oh yes, and some of the eggs had money in them. When I found that out, I started hunting for some!!!!

What a fun night! We are sorry that Karate is coming to an end, we will have to keep on having play dates and family dinners with the Duckworth’s or else we will surely go into withdrawal.

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