Purity Dairy 10K

Two weeks ago Ashlie & I ran in the Purity Dairy 10K which benefited the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle TN. We made it “mandatory” that the husbands and kids come out to cheer us across the finish line. The race was fun and Ashlie is in such good shape she can talk while she runs, so it keeps me from thinking about how much I would really just rather stop running. We carve out time early every Saturday morning to run together and I think it’s just our excuse to make sure we see each other at least once per week. I don’t know what I would do without Ashlie, she is such a great friend and Mom! I am so thankful to be in this stage of life with her 🙂
This is the crew that keeps us running… our kids! We did well in the race but the winner of the 10K got a free supply of ice cream for a year. Our kids were proud of us, but a little disappointed we didn’t win the big prize! Of course, Luke thought we did finish first and so he thinks we should have won the ice cream.

Crazy boys!
Little Andie rooting us on from her stroller 🙂

It was a chilly morning in Nashville and Lily had enough! See was covered up to her nose in the Bob. Afterwards we headed to Noshville for a big breakfast (the best thing about running is you can then eat whatever you want!) With six kids and four adults I can say the management was glad when we got out of there!!!

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