Something Special

Nathaniel & I are currently chaperoning the senior trip. Each year, without fail, this week ends and I stand amazed at the students who graduate from this place. Take this group of seniors for example- we are here at a camp called Barefoot Republic which they chose (instead of going to the beach). Barefoot Republic operates in the summer months with a mission to share the Gospel with kids as they build relationship with one another that shatter racial, social and economic boundaries. Talk about a cool place. So here is this senior class working hard to get the camp in tip-top shape… mulching, cleaning, mowing, painting a mural, clearing out a barn for the camp to use, cutting down trees, etc. But maybe even more impressive is that we get to see them loving each other well, worshiping in the evening, heads bowed and hands held while they pray for a student in their own class who should be here but instead is fighting for her health. They offer up prayer for a younger student who should not be facing what he is today. But they hold one another up and they are strong. They trust and they love. I often don’t go into these senior trips wondering what I will learn from the kids- but always leave with a new appreciation for the school and the ones that depart from it. Soli Deo Gloria!

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