A visit from the Cicadas

Our house & yard are currently covered in these lovely and rather large bugs. The cicadas have made their presence known in Nashville this May. The red eyes creep me out and I am thankful that they don’t bite as our back porch is literally swarmed with them. They won’t come back for another 13 years and I was looking at my friend’s Misty’s blog… after she did the math it hit me too- when these creatures return Jack won’t be my little boy anymore, he will be 18! And the twins, they will be driving! How crazy is that. I wonder if they will remember this Spring and visitors to our yard and back porch. I am challenged to soak up these moments with my kids because they will pass quickly. Before I know it, the cicadas will be gone- just their shells to remind us they were here. And my kids won’t be sitting in my lap, need help getting dressed, asking me to read them a bedtime story, or jump with them on the trampoline, or even allowing me to cover them in kisses when the cicadas come to visit again. It’s funny how a bug can make you realize all this.

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