Already Busted Out the Water Hose

It’s officially summer here at the Morrow house. We busted out the water hose this afternoon- after a particularly long and “fussy” day. The better part of the day my kids were really fussy and whiney and I decided to just join them (very mature… I know). But by the afternoon we deemed that it was hot and sticky enough to get out the hose and that picked up the mood tremendously (for all of us)!

Luke was cold (maybe because the poor boy has ZERO fat on his body!). This was his “shiver” pose.
He really just wanted to sit on my lap all wrapped in a towel, which I didn’t mind.
Lily was not cold. It was the happiest she had been all day.
Jack was pretty happy too- I think the picture says it all.
Luke would participate as long as he was the one holding the hose and doing the spraying… not the other way around.

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