Morrow Family Rules

We got a new chalkboard in our kitchen that displays the “Morrow Family Rules.” Rule #4 we are constantly working on. But since almost the first day that we put up the chalkboard Jack has been asking us to take it down and let him draw or write something on it. I kept stalling on him- I really liked the idea of having the rules up. Today I gave in. Jack was thrilled. He drew a family picture which I will get a good shot of soon and post on the blog for him.

Luke and Lily were hard at “work” doing who knows what… Lily is in her favorite summer outfit- underwear & flip flops!
Jack starting his family portrait 🙂
And Jack is still enjoying tracing with the tracing paper my Mom got him. I am blown away by the attention to detail, he will work on a picture until it is complete.

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