‘Rest’ Time

So I don’t even call it “nap time” anymore. That is merely a pipe dream that L or L would actually take a nap. These days the only one who wants a nap, or rest, for that matter, around here is me. On special days L & L beg me “Can we have rest time together?” On this day I gave in. (The only upside to them not napping anymore is early bedtime, however that is off-set by the incredible fussiness from late afternoon on). Anyways, usually I remember to tie the closet doors shut… because I have learned the hard way once before. Today in a blur, I forgot. This is what I found upon opening the door once “rest” time was over.

They take they mattress off the frame and call these their “bunk beds”
Trouble, can you tell what’s open…
The closet! And inside are my clown and princess/yoda. Standing on top of the dresser 😦
Luke informed me that the clown hat was really his marching band hat! (He is a little obsessed with marching bands)
Lily had a hat change, and revealed her fleece orange pants underneath.
Fixing brothers hat! Oh my. This could be why I am tired….

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