Capture Gratitude- Sunday

The kids and I were inspired by a friends blog and so we decided to join her in “capturing gratitude.” Our goal was to list ten things but the list grew… as it sometimes does when you choose to focus on the good. This Sunday evening we are thankful for the following; (in no particular order)

1) My pink room!
2) Water balloons
3) Mac & Cheese
4) Night lights
5) Saturday morning runs with a friend
6) (this one is new) Dark chocolate
7) Adoption
8) I’m thankful for Oma & Grammy
9) Allis Chalmers (tractors) and all farmers
10) Our house
11) Freckles sprinkled across a little nose 🙂
12) Gummy Vitamins
13) Target’s dollar zone
14) Our local YMCA
15) Access to excellent medical care
16) Roly Poly bugs who live in the backyard
17) Bed time stories
18) Knock-knock jokes told by three-year-olds
19) Heaven
20) Toe nail polish
21) The slip N slide

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