First Official Sleep Over

This past Sunday night Jack had his first *official* sleepover. By official I mean non-family. These pals had a sleepover to kick-off the upcoming week of Warrior Camp. My friend Ashlie was brave enough to host & she even made karate cookies! Nathaniel and I marveled at the fact that Jack was old enough to have a sleepover. We told him if he needed to, he could call us and we would come pick him up. I am sure we were more nervous than he (typical). When I saw Jack again on Monday after camp I asked him all about sleeping over and the first day of camp, he said, “It was great Mom! And I didn’t miss you or Dad at all!” Emphasis on the at all. Ouch, but in a way that’s good, I guess? I told him we missed him šŸ™‚

Is she cute, or what?!?! Luke has a soft spot for Andie.

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