Things to Remember

Things to remember from our family beach trip 2011: That Will B has turned into quite the social butterfly and he made friends with all the people on the beach, especially the pretty teenage girls! Philip (aka Philly) was our best sand dweller. He was happy to just putter around in the sand and collect a little ocean water in his bucket. Lily was the fashion diva and wore a different bathing suit everyday. Truth be told- I only purchased one suit for her this summer, we are thankful for the Maddux girls and others who pass along all their cute clothes! Jack was a great wave rider and is following in his father’s footsteps of being fearless! (Makes me nervous) Luke was the first one to want to hit the beach everyday and then also the first one to want to go back in! My favorite picture from the entire week is of Luke (from the backside) after he stripped off his trunks and you can see his tan back & legs and that CUTE little white bottom! I love a good “beach bum.” Dad (aka Monkey) searched long and hard all week for sand dollars and found quite a few, but they were just smaller than in recent years. Andy slaved away in the kitchen and created yummy meals for us most nights (the poor guy can’t get away from “work” – even when he’s on vacation!). Katie & Anne knew how make the register go “cha-ching” at the outlets in Destin! We also rejoiced that the boys only went golfing once this year! Nathaniel had some excitement the first morning we were on the beach, he was out in the waves and our neighbors (who were on their balcony) came running out to get him out of the water. They could see several sharks swimming near him… Nathaniel shot out of the ocean pretty darn fast! Amy flew in from California and we all relished in having some individual time with her- since our visits & time together are far too few. She also handled having all five of her nephews and niece around her (ages five and under) in stride. Mom (aka Oma) got the darkest tan of all (shocker), she brought her beach bags filled with games/activities and candy for the kids. She loved the house on the beach that came stocked with ocean toys & rooms for us to all spread out in- we won’t forget the tri-level circular stair case! We considered that our workout for the week 🙂 We were also all surprised that although the temperature everyday was high, we rarely felt hot as we spent our mornings and afternoons on the beach and in the ocean. Already looking forward to next summer~ The Morrow Five

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