Capture Gratitude

Things I am thankful for this day:

1. My Mom
2. Lily’s giggle
3. A night at the county fair with my kids & hubby
4. The smell of fair fries and elephant ears!
5. Jack’s big grin with some missing teeth
6. The fact that I’ve got to be home with Jack for 5 years and will get to walk him into his first day of school in just a few weeks
7. Roger & Linda keeping our children for an entire WEEK in Ohio!
8. An organized closet
9. The fact that Jack, Luke and Lily played Lego’s together for almost an hour today with no bickering!
10. My washer & dryer
11. Dark chocolate
12. A new kitchen table that can seat all of us 🙂
13. When Luke tells me I am beautiful (in my workout clothes & ponytail)
14. That today was 10 degrees cooler than yesterday- woo hoo!
15. Two colors; purple & brown

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