It’s Football Time in Tennessee!!!

That’s right. It’s football time in TN and in our backyard. Jack is playing on a flag football team this Fall with some kids who will be in his kindergarten class…. Nathaniel & I are crossing our fingers, this could really go either way! But the other afternoon we were all outside to practice- and for the people who think that I am kidding that Lily always wants have her clothes off at home~ you will see again that here she is, minus her clothes! (Lily decided she wanted to play baseball instead).

Luke is pretty fired up, and seems to think he is on the team too!

Fumble, who will come away with the ball…..

Oh my STARS- it’s Luke! And he is so fast he is just a blur on my camera!!!!

Lily Pie at “actual” football practice. All she wanted to do was throw & catch 🙂

Staying hydrated

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