Capture Gratitude- Sunday

Things I’m thankful for this day….

1) The visit with Pap & Grammy

2) His reaction! How much Jack loves Lego’s – and that he got to open his birthday present from Pap & Grammy a little bit early 🙂

3) Sprucing up my Bay Window in the kitchen- a project that was long overdue and brings me great joy every time I see it!

4) Chores. I know it’s hard to tell in this picture… but that is Jack (although you can’t see him) taking the trash can up our driveway/hill.

5) That at least one of our children likes to actually watch the game. I thought his face was priceless during a big play on the field 🙂
6) Lunch boxes out, which means it’s back to school time!!!

7) That this one will begin kindergarten this week and is the Class of 2024~

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