6 Years Ago Today . . .

You came into our lives- Jack David Morrow! I swore that I would be “ready” for you to arrive by September 1st and thought that gave me plenty of time since you weren’t due until September 16th. Yet on August 24th, 2005 you came in an emergency fashion. That was just the beginning of our wild ride with you as our son! You’ve brought us so much joy, fun and excitement. We have cherished every moment thus far of being your parents. Watching you grow up before our very eyes into a boy who lives life to the full. You are complex, you love Lego’s and anything with a set of directions or a map to follow. You are daring and adventurous. You experience emotion fully- from crying with excitement on Christmas morning when you see all the presents, to screaming in delight at the latest Happy Meal Toy! You care deeply about your family and friends, you LOVE to talk. You are finally growing into that big body of yours 🙂 You are such a special little guy- truly one of a kind!!! You tell us freely that Jesus lives in your heart- we are humbled & beyond grateful for this. We love you so much and look forward to year #6 with great anticipation! Here are the years in review…

“Indiana Jack” on your 4th birthday 🙂

These are a few things we want to remember about you RIGHT NOW! You have lost 5 teeth to date, you really enjoyed participating in Elite Martial Arts, you love the Ninjago Lego sets, you had your first sleep-over and first camp out, you caught your first fish, you’ve had the first (of many) bike wrecks, you’re wearing a youth medium size clothing, you still say hot dogs and mac & cheese is your favorite meal, Taco Bell/Pizza Hut your favorite fast food restaurant, music makes you come alive- you even entered the dance contest this year at All Sports Camp, you have lots of best buddies- like Wallace, Charlie & John Wayne! You were so excited to start school today. And one quote from today, you were commenting on today being your birthday- “I mean. I’ve waited like 10 years for this day!” I remind you that you are only 6 years old and we both laugh!

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