2 Stories from this week at Kindergarten . . .

So it seems that Kindergarten is going to give me some good “material” to record on this blog. Two funny stories from this week. Jack’s class has a behavior system that is identified through colors. Green is “ready to learn” Yellow is “caution, slow down” Red is “you’re in TROUBLE” and Blue is the option above green which means “Extra effort and great job!” We were told by the teacher at Open House not to expect very many Blues. They were saved for REALLY amazing things that she will just catch our kids doing. But getting a Blue would be rare. You get the picture. On Thursday Jack got into the van after school with the BIGGEST smile on his face, “Check my folder! Check my folder! he beamed at me.” I open his folder (with him barely able to contain himself looking over my shoulder) to find that he got BLUE that day! I said- “Jack, I am so proud of you, how in the world did you earn Blue today?!!?!?” “Well,” he said, “I took a nap!” My response… “What? I don’t get it.” Jack explained to me that he actually fell asleep during rest time in the room and he woke up to find that the nap had earned him Blue. Hilarious. I didn’t see that one coming! Then today in the car pool line- Jack’s teacher jumps into the front seat of my van to tell me something. (Oh no! I thought to myself, What is she gonna say?) She tells me that today in class they were doing Rhyming Words… now I wasn’t so worried, we rhyme all the time at home, so I figured he did well at this game. The words go like this, Map, Rap, Snap, Clap, and Jack yells out….. “CRAP!” The teacher said “What did you say?!?!” and Jack replies- “CRAP, you know, like HOLY CRAP!” (Yikes) The teacher then went on to explain to him that crap is not a kindergarten acceptable word. Let’s hope Jack’s teacher likes a lot of personality…. hee hee.

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