Yesterday we were headed home from school and running low on gas. We swung into BP to fill up and Jack let me know that he absolutely had to go and absolutely could not hold it! The gas was pumping and L & L were strapped into their car seats so we improvised and I found a large starbucks coffee cup for him to pee into. Shew! All was well, Jack was going, I got out to finish up the gas, and the next thing I heard from inside the van was a great big “Uh-Oh.” I popped my head back in to find the FULL cup had dropped and was bottom up on the floor of the van. Lovely. Our poor van šŸ˜¦ Jack and I did our best to clean up the carpet & floor mat- I think the best thing we have going for us right now is that the weather has turned cooler and it won’t be 100 plus degrees in there. Just another fun filled afternoon! If you wonder why I am putting all this on the blog it is so that one day (when I can’t remember anything) I will read back over this and smile at our crazy/hectic/funny/stressful/blessed days!

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