She did it . . . she actually did it!!!

Year after year when it’s the little girl cheer night at CPA Lily tells us that she wants to put on her outfit and wants to go out on the field for the half-time show. Without fail, we will take her up to the holding area and just as they are supposed to take the field Lily will change her mind. Most times she says she only wants to go if Lukey can come with her. On Friday night they made the announcement for all the little ones to get ready to take the field- Lily looked at me and said “I gotta go!” So Nathaniel took her to the designated area. The halftime show began and I started scanning the sidelines to find Nathaniel & Lily (knowing that she wouldn’t go out on the field). But I searched and couldn’t find her! Luke was looking too and then suddenly he exclaimed, “she’s out there Mom, she’s really out there!!!!” We watched in amazement.

They had obviously told all the girls to wear either black or white tights. Lily was in pink- because who would have thought this would be the year?!?! Oh well, leave it to the Principal’s daughter to buck the system 🙂

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