Get ready for some major cuteness!!!

So here are some pictures of little Miss Ali Rose- I just went through and picked a few of my favorites! Did I mention that Mandie Joy and Rachel are also talented photographers?!? I mean, they are amazing! What a blessing it is that although we haven’t been with Ali Rose the past six months they have diligently captured her milestones to share with us. The picture above is the first one we ever got of Ali Rose (back in March), she is around 2 weeks old here . . .When we shared with our children about Ali Rose Luke was thrilled when he saw the above picture- “it’s a boy!” he said (due to the blue blanket). We had to remind him several times that she was indeed a girl- his baby sister!

my sleepy girlmandie joy & rachel: angels on the earth!

Her first hair “do”Big girl sitting up!!!!Ali Rose in her make-shift African high-chair… that’s how they roll in Uganda (strapped to the chair) 🙂I can’t WAIT to meet you very soon my sweet girl~

One response to “Get ready for some major cuteness!!!

  1. Oh, my. She is beautiful! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Congratulations, again. I’ll probably say that…a lot!!

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