This post is taken from my friend Lindsey’s blog. It accurately sums up the past few days and our need for prayer this coming Monday. She did such a good job on her blog post- that I just stole it for mine 🙂 Thanks for taking this journey with us!!!!

Thought it was time to send an update and ask for more prayers. Anne and I have return flights for this Tuesday. Our files are completely done and all we needed to do was meet the consulate and ask her to give us our date. Sadly, the consulate’s grandfather passed away so she was gone last week to her village for burial. Mandie Joy spoke with her on the phone Friday afternoon and the consulate apologized for not being in the office (does not usually happen). She was kind and promised to meet with us Monday morning to pick a date. And she thought the judge had openings this coming week or the following. SO ON MONDAY IF WE GET A DATE ANNE AND I WILL STAY AND THE HUSBANDS WILL COME TO COURT. If we do not get a date on Monday, Anne and I will return home on our scheduled flight for Tuesday October 25th. We are hopeful but know that our Savior knows the path to take. WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR PRAYERS.

As October has been passing….I have gotten to hold my baby girl every second of the day. Giving her bottles, taking her on walks, going swimming with her, playing noses, sleeping with her, and hugging her close to me…that is what the days have looked like….blessed by her every move. But, I must confess that I have mourned the missing of October for my other four. I have missed field trips, scarecrow days, football games, and just precious moments with them during this fall season. Wishing for one second I could just wrap my arms around all five of my children…and my incredible husband all at the same time. Then I visited the slums….the slums of Kampala.

She led us down the dirt path to her home. Her home is the size of my guest bathroom….no electricity, no running water, a mattress on the floor. A picture of her late husband hung center stage on the wall. I have never seen a home so sparse but so filled with love. This woman we were meeting with is dying. Her belly protrudes and you can see in her eyes that she is not feeling well. She had gone to her pastor in hopes that her precious two boys, one whom is very very sick, could be brought to the orphanage….but the orphanage is full. An American family has offered to sponsor the boys in school and help this mother with expenses or they have offered to adopt the two boys. I have never in all my life witnessed sacrifice in such a manner. This woman looked us in our eyes as her eyes filled with tears….I want them to go to America and have a family. We tried to make it as clear as we could…this family wants to help you financially so you can all stay together. Because she is close to dying, she looked at us again with tears…I want them to have a family. Her love for her boys meant everything to her. Next to the mattress on the floor held one tiny side table…the only thing upon the table…her bible….worn out, tattered, open to the psalms….reminding me of her sacrifice and reminding me of the ultimate sacrifice that our Heavenly Father made so that I could have life.

I really miss my family….I really miss my husband. I would love to be home this fall season. But, abiding with that woman puts things into perspective in my heart. After walking with her, I got back into the car and felt nauseated. Nauseated with myself….and I just needed to confess how lightly I take the sacrifice that my Maker made….Jesus died for me….pure and simple…and His Father gave His one and only son….pure and simple…for me and for you.

Please continue to pray for our date. Monday is pivotal. As you sleep Sunday night we will be meeting with the consulate. Thanks again for loving on my family and the Morrow family as we are here in Uganda loving on our girls.

7 responses to “Perspective

  1. We’re certainly praying for God’s grace and mercy and miracle for next Mon and Tues.- living in hope for the brisk fall days when your complete family will be together at pumpkin patches and football games. Lindsey, thank you for the perspective from Kaburra. We’re praying for that precious mama and her boys as well. Love to you both!

  2. praying, praying, praying, my friend. We will pray for y’all at community group on Sunday night as well. Love you and can’t wait to see you and that sweet girl.

  3. Saw Nate this afternoon as were both buying last minute costumes for trunk or treat. He filled me in also. PRAYING even NOW!!! and ready….. Can I say – I feel God is making a way?

  4. So many prayers for you guys… your perspective is wonderful and reminds me to be thankful. Sending lots of love your way and I’ll be thinking about you specifically tonight. Love, Laura

  5. Praying! And I will wake during the night & pray then too! one day soon we are going to be celebrating these sweet girls with you!!

  6. Anne & Nate,
    I am honored that you shared this blog with me and I will pray, pray, pray for sweet Ali Rose’s homecoming! Can’t wait to teach her in sunday school 🙂 Love you guys and so honored to call you my friends – andrea.

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