from Ali Rose – Day 1

Dear Mommy,

I just wanted you to know that after you left I ate a really good dinner, fell asleep on Auntie Joy’s lap for a while, played with my toys, and am about to go to sleep in my bed. The puppy ran inside tonight and I cried a lot. I guess I really am your daughter. No dogs for me!

I miss you, but I’m glad you get to go home and that I’ll see you (with Daddy!) soon.

Tell Jack, Luke, and Lily that I love them SO much and I send them each a slobbery kiss.


Ali Rosie


One response to “from Ali Rose – Day 1

  1. Anne,
    We continue to pray for your family as you miss sweet Ali Rose. We are praying for the Lord to be doing a work in the judge’s heart during this time of waiting and that you will get a positive ruling at your court date. Praying that she will be HOME with you SO soon!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. What a gift to watch the Lord’s work!
    love to you all,
    rebekah wright

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