Coming and Going

It feels like I just got off the plane in Nashville.

It was a pretty spectacular homecoming…as Lindsey & I walked from the terminal I spotted Nathaniel and the kids waiting on just the other side of the security barrier- our eyes met and before I knew it Luke was sprinting towards me (in his cowboy boots & shorts!) through the security checkpoint he flew- right up into my waiting arms! Next thing we knew an alarm was going off but the very understanding security guard allowed me to carry Luke back across the threshold. That’s when I was quickly engulfed by the arms and kisses of Jack and Lily and Nathaniel (when he could fight his way in towards me).

It is hard to imagine what could be better than that moment- only one thing could even hold a candle to it. That’s the day when we bring Ali Rose across the threshold and she is engulfed by her brothers and sister and the countless others who don’t really know her yet- but love her nonetheless.

It’s with that moment in mind that I washed my dirty African clothes this week just to refold them and put them back in the suitcase. No need to even stop taking my malaria medication- since I will be returning so quickly. I’m thankful that I got to see the beautiful Fall leaves changing colors this week. That I got to go trick-or-treating with Snow White & Captain Jack Sparrow & #52 of the Tennessee Titans. I mean, what more can a Mom ask for? I even snuck in a Peppermint Mocha just to have a jump start on December!

But tonight I’ve crept back into the rooms of my sleeping children to cover & recover them. To kiss their sweaty foreheads and whisper just one more prayer. I don’t want to leave them again in the morning. But the wise words that were spoken to me are true- it’s true that they’ve had a Mom all their lives and Ali Rose has had one for almost none of hers. The Lord is growing my children in this process just like He is growing me.

On Friday Nathaniel & I will board that plane together and fly half-way around the world to the littlest one we love. She will get to meet the Daddy who will love her with all that he has and with all that he is… I can’t wait for that moment!

Please continue to pray with us as we navigate the never ending paperwork trail at the beginning of the week and then stand before the judge on Wednesday November 9th (9am Uganda time, which is 8 hours ahead of Nashville). We wait expectantly and with great hope to see how our heavenly Father will continue to write this story- it is certainly not ours, not the way I would have written it- but even better because it is His.

So back to the airport I’ll go and board that plane which will lift me high into the air. Taking me away from three but home to one. This Momma is ready for the day that they’ll all be in one place and I will just have to walk down the hall to cover & recover them, to kiss their sweaty foreheads and whisper just one more prayer of thanksgiving. Until then….

7 responses to “Coming and Going

  1. Prayers & tears & love continue 2 wing their way 2 u all ❤
    Hopefully I will have the chance 2 c your other little ones this wk while they r in NC.
    GG (as I am known 2 the little ones I love)

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