West End Community Church

It’s not always in church that you find yourself the closest to God. But sometimes, it is. It had been three long weeks since the last time I stood with the congregation at WECC on Sunday morning singing songs of praise & worship. So much had happened in those three weeks- I had been in Africa for all three of them! It was good to be back in one of my favorite places, but if I was being honest I missed that other place too. While we were in Uganda the multi-talented Mandie Joy & friends led us in praise and worship several nights. One of their current favorite songs was a new one to me- but quickly topped my chart: Ten Thousand Reasons by Matt Redman. Imagine my delight when our worship leader asked us to “bear with him” as we learned a new song this past Sunday… and the words to the Matt Redman song appeared on the screen. Goose bumps. Sometimes I don’t feel super close to God in church- but sometimes I do.

2 responses to “West End Community Church

  1. As I prepare to go to church this morning in YOUR hometown of New Concord,OH, please know that this church family who helped nurture you, continues to hold you in our loving hearts ❤ We pray that God's will be done swiftly and with the best results for all 🙂
    Nathaniel – you know I love you & you have been a part of our family since you & Gregory became BEST FRIENDS! Your entire family holds a special place in my heart xxoo

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