I am home . . . but they are not . . .

This is Anne posting here… I arrived back in Nashville Friday evening (on our original return flight). Nathaniel has stayed behind with Ali Rose, Mandie Joy, Lindsey and Eden Hannah. Please pray with me that the rest of the crew will be able to come home this week. We are now waiting on exit interviews and visas so the girls can leave the country. It is our prayer that our entire family would be together for Thanksgiving- that would take a miracle. It’s a good thing we know God is capable.

I am hoping to post more about our trip in the next several days (now that I am back in a place where power & internet are easily accessible). But in the meantime here is the picture of that stinker Ali Rose trying to WALK… that I am keeping in my heart until I see her again!

Also, please visit Mandie Joy’s blog and see her latest post at http://www.mandiejoy.com  (the post title is NEVER ONCE) you can watch the video at the end of the post which depicts this past year for Mandie Joy & Rachel in Uganda- all that God has done and is continuing to do through these two faithful young women. As we draw near to Thanksgiving this Thursday- you can bet- Mandie Joy and Rachel “top” the list of things our family is thankful for!!!

2 responses to “I am home . . . but they are not . . .

  1. Indeed – we have blessings upon blessings 2 b thankful 4 & we pray that all families will b united by this Thursday ( the official Thanksgiving Day ) But no matter the date,when all r 2gether, it will b a celebration 🙂
    Continuing 2 hold u all in our hearts & prayers
    ❤ gg

  2. Anne, we are praying them HOME! I am praying that you will ALL be together for Thanksgiving. Ali Rose is gorgeous!!! I am so thankful that the Lord made her a Morrow! We cannot wait to watch her grow up. Such a gift to be able to follow your journey and see the Lord’s faithful and mighty hand in it ALL. Praying for all of you this morning.
    Love from the Wrights

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