They Are HOME!!!!

It’s true- we had a wonderful homecoming at the airport last night! Can you believe that I didn’t even bring my camera? Not to worry, I had some of my peeps there taking pictures for us. As soon as I get those I will upload them to the blog. It was a night to remember!!!! Thanks for all your love & support on our adoption journey. Ali Rose has spent the day today getting to know her siblings, grandparents & cousins, checking out her nursery and all her new toys- she even took a 3 hour nap… we couldn’t WAIT for her to wake up, we missed her during those three hours!!!! More soon- although I am just trying to soak up every precious moment with her home…… but pics. to follow soon~

Now it’s upstairs to kiss each of those sweeties goodnight (ALL UNDER ONE ROOF- WOO HOO!) before going to bed myself…

3 responses to “They Are HOME!!!!

  1. Maybe the happiest of Thanksgivings was had by you all. Congratulations on being reunited as a complete family!

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