Lotta Pictures- Little Words

First kiss from both Mom & Dad

sleepy baby in the mobyDaddy’s cross necklace which made a GREAT quiet court toy 🙂
“hey guys- do I have something in my teeth?”
“No really….what’s so funny?”
“I don’t think this is funny!”
Whew! We passed court!!!!!So thankful for YOU little Miss Ali Rose Morrow!I am also beyond grateful that the Lord gave us The Doyle Family to walk this road of adoption with. Lindsey will forever be my friend (we have some pretty crazy stories that will bond us for life) and our girls are like sisters! Please pray with me that Eden Hannah will be able to come home soon! We love and miss her!!!Stinker!!!Nothin’ cuter… Our big girl wanting to walkSwinging with DaddyWe love Mandie Joy!!! (And Rachel too- who is just not pictured here)Some of the sweet kids at a place that will forever hold our hearts….


One response to “Lotta Pictures- Little Words

  1. You have an amazing story unfolding –
    Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words –BUT
    Ali Rose clinging 2 the cross is a lesson 4 all of us !

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