6 responses to “:: homecoming video

  1. I love it. It brought me to tears to see you all praying over her that first time. The power of your love like the Power of the Father’s love is breathtaking.

  2. Oh Anne, I can’t tell you how amazing that video is… I have to wait to watch the rest from the comfort of my own home though since I’m already crying sitting here at my desk. SO amazing and I’m so happy for you guys. Sending lots of love your way. Laura

  3. Chills . . . tears . . . and big long-distance hugs.Gorgeous girl and her gorgeous family! Thank you for sharing! Love from Jan, John, and Laura

  4. I am crying as I watch this with my girls. Virginia said it was a fun movie and she liked that you adopted her. “She’s pretty cute and pretty.” She is, Anne. Just beautiful. I am so thankful to have a glimpse into this amazing experience the Lord provided. Praise God she is home!

  5. PRECIOUS PRECIOUS! Tears of joy rolling down my face. Following you guys through this has been a blessing and praying for you has been an honor!! Love to you!

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