No Way To Catch Up~

I realize I haven’t posted in forever. After we all returned home from Uganda I had one-after-another issues with my computer and then with the camera. Not to mention life was extremely busy and full with the holidays and adjusting to being our new family of six. Every time I got ready to try and get back to the blog I would feel overwhelmed with how much I wanted to share and there are just not enough hours in the day to do so! I finally decided that there is no real way to catch up on all that was missed. This is my attempt to highlight some of the big things and the rest will just have to slide. I am learning in this new phase of life about letting go… this blog was one of my first lessons.

Ali Rose is adjusting beautifully. She is filling a space in our lives that we didn’t even know existed. I smile at (and kiss) her a million times a day- looking at myself in the mirror the other morning I really believe that I have deeper smile wrinkles just since she’s been home. So so worth it. She on the other hand is probably thinking “Boy, this Mom kisses me a lot!”

It’s been even more amazing than I imagined watching Jack & Luke & Lily fulfill their roles as big brothers and big sister. They love her SO MUCH- Luke often plows her over with his uncontainable love & joy. I keep thinking the “newness” of her will wear off soon, but it sure hasn’t yet. The big kids often beg me to wake her up from naps early because they just miss her when she’s been sleeping too long.

She started walking in her 9th month and now that she is 10 months old she is close to running! She is quick to smile (except on camera) and give a snuggle and a very curious little explorer. I think she might also be my climber too- she is already trying to crawl up on the coffee table, into the bathtub, you name it… she’s trying it! Her sleeping habits are truly a blessing as she goes down at 6:30pm and usually sleeps until at least 6:30am. I FINALLY have a child who likes to sleep (pretty sure I have Mandie Joy & Rachel to thank for that)!!!! Like a typical fourth child she is toted around to all sorts of things and spends lots of time in her car seat~ which she is learning to embrace 🙂

So in a nutshell- we celebrated Christmas here at home with an early visit from Pap & Grammy and then on Christmas Day a visit with Oma & Monkey. After Christmas we traveled to Hilton Head to witness Rachel & Justin exchange their wedding vows, what a privilege it was to celebrate with them on their special day! Ali Rose made her first appearance in quick trips to both Louisville and New Concord. Aunt Amy came to visit and stay with us for a wonderful week in Nashville.

We are slowly getting back into the swing of all things in our “normal” routine- YMCA, downtown library story time, weekday bible study, play-dates at Chic-fil-a, grocery shopping runs, High School basketball games, daily hair care, dinner at the Mexican Restaurant, etc! I am thankful to be finding our new normal and will continue to learn about letting go~ thanks for all the prayers and keeping up with us! We continue to pray for Eden Hannah’s return home to Nashville and appreciate all the prayers on her behalf.

One response to “No Way To Catch Up~

  1. It was indeed our pleasure to spend precious time w the Morrow clan. Ali Rose is even cuter in person!!
    None of us will ever fully understand how God intervened in her life – other than by His loving grace.
    ((((((HUGS)))))) 2 all.. ❤ GG

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