A Year Ago Today . . .

A year ago today, the labor pains began in her body.                                                            A year ago today, the yearning for another child was heavy on my heart.

A year ago today, she traveled to the nearest hospital because she and her unborn baby were in distress.
A year ago today, I traveled to another state to be with an old friend and meet her newborn son.
A year ago today, she received woeful medical care, which turned into horrific medical care because of her limited ability to pay.
A year ago today, the Lord took away my desire to have another biological child.
A year ago today, she cried out in agony- her body wrecked with pain.
A year ago today, I was comfortable in this life where I have MORE than enough of everything.
A year ago today, she brought this baby into the world.
A year ago today, He whispered to me I know the child for you.
A year ago today, this baby took her first breath and opened her bright eyes.
A year ago today, I pleaded that the Lord would bring this child, who He had for our family, to me.
A year ago today,  they placed this baby on her mother’s chest. Her mother overflowed with love for the little one.
A year ago today,  I was hoping & praying for another one to love.
A year ago today, the baby was thriving but her mother began to fight for her life.
A year ago today, I sipped my Starbucks- which would have been the equivalent cost for medical care that could have saved her mother’s life.
A year ago today, her world was turning dark.
A year ago today, mine was becoming bright.
I will never be able to thank Rose- (Ali Rose’s birth mom) for the treasure that her beautiful daughter is to me and to our family. I can only say that my heart has been breaking today for Rose. A wise friend told me she believe’s that birth parents get an awesome view from Heaven of their children’s firsts; first step, first word, first birthday. On this day I believe Rose is looking down, I hope she is smiling. For her daughter, my daughter is perfect. And she will blow out her first candle on her birthday cake tonight surrounded by love.
For the Lord knew that she would need mother’s to step in early on. She had two foster mother’s who loved her well in the first months of her life in Uganda. They operated from an outpouring of the Father’s love that he lavished on them- and they lavished on her. Rose sacrificed, Mandie Joy & Rachel sacrificed, all for this little baby girl who would come and join our family and we have been the unlikely recipients of this deep and sacrificial love. We have been blessed.
So today we celebrate Ali Rose! She is all things ONE. Happy & healthy, she is walking (make that running) all around and getting into everything! She is more like a toddler than a one year old and her wide smile reveals her two little teeth on the bottom. Purple is still the color she rocks and the child loves to sleep (thank goodness!). She eats like a champ and would swing for hours on the playground in the baby swings. Most days you can find her in her car seat while we tote her siblings all around. If at home she loves to crawl in the lower cabinets and play with the tupperware or pots & pans.
She is quick to give a snuggle or hug, and quick to smile- unless you have your camera out, then she is stubborn. Her favorite phrase is “uh-oh” and she also walks around the house with her hand to her ear like she is talking on the phone. Her personality is generally laid-back, but she does have a little fire in her as well. Sweet and sassy could both be used to describe her! She can play peek-a-boo with the best of em. We have called her schoochie, Abow bow, Ali Toes, Ali Rosey and Stinker thus far. I love it when she scrunches up her nose when she smiles or giggles! I also love how she covers her eyes with the backs of her hands when you tickle her 🙂 She has started using some sign language and also will point to her nose if you ask “Where’s your nose?” Then when you ask, “Where’s your hair? Where’s your eyes?” She continues to point to her nose… I love it! She makes me smile on even the long days! She is secure and well adjusted and seems to know how much we love her. She came into our family and filled the role of 4th child like she was always meant to be there.
A year ago today she was born in Masindi Uganda and she was also born in our hearts.
I thank God for Rose, for her biological father, for Mandie Joy & Rachel and for this plan that wasn’t my own for expanding our family. But this plan was oh, so much better!
So today we will sing happy birthday Ali Rose… blow out that candle and make a wish! May all your dreams come true- for ours certainly have!!!!! We love you!!!!!!
* pics to follow soon *

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